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Banex Group , Manufacturers of High Quality Banex Paints, Plastic Products and Table Water.FACTORY/OFFICE:15/17 Abimbola Street,Isolo Industrial Estate Lagos,Nigeria, Nigeria.Telephone:01-4715798,8993357.



About Banex Group .

Banex Group has established herself as an undaunted force in several sectors of the Nation’s economy through quality services and standard merchandising.
Banex Group has grown to become a major player and household name in several aspects of businesses especially Manufacturing, Real Estate and the Hospitality sector.
Through business ethics and administrative expertise, the group has risen to the frontier of International Business and Trade. In the Nigerian market which is highly competitive, only strategically positioned companies with solid asset base and market experience can successfully stand firm for two decades of business operations.
Moreover, through sheer hard work, strength of character and display of high level of integrity by our astute Chairman/CEO, Banex group has maintained fruitful business relationship with overseas suppliers and partners for over two decades. Yet we are focused and determined to improve significantly on our business relationships with our partners for the mutual benefit of all stake holders in particular as well as the ultimate good of Nigeria and indeed West African Consumers who have absolute confidence in our services, qualities, prices and tremendous goodwill.
Banex Group is comprised of several other subsidiary companies among which are: Banex Industries Limited, Vina Industries Limited, and Banex Real Estate.


  • Banex Industries Limited: Banex Industries Limited was incorporated as a limited Liability Company on 11th April 1985. Over the years, the company has carved a niche for itself as an outstanding force in the production of paints. Banex range of paints having been certified with the NIS seal are formulated in compliance with the quality and safety requirements of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) to surpass the need of customers who desire quality.
  • Vina Industries Limited: Vina Industries Limited has established herself as an outstanding force in the production of Vina table water,pet bottles as well as preform for water .


  • Banex Real Estate :The Company over sees real estate and hospitality industry of Banex Group. The success of the development of FCT Abuja and the subsequent impact on the nation's economy cannot be complete without the bold mention of Banex Plaza, Abuja. Banex Group in 1993 through the visionary and foresighted leadership of our amiable chairman, Rev. (Dr) Victor O. Mbanisi brought revolutionary innovation into the business terrain of Abuja by building the first phase of Banex plaza; this feat was achieved at a period when many Nigerians doubted the possibility of realizing the dream of making Abuja a world class Federal Capital Territory.
  • In the area of hospitality, our sister company, VOM SUN CITY BEACH RESORT LTD is developing a resort of international standard located at Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • In the Oil industry, we have VOMOIL LIMITED, Oraukwu, Anambra State, Nigeria.





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