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Banex Group , Manufacturers of High Quality Banex Paints, Plastic Products and Table Water.FACTORY/OFFICE:15/17 Abimbola Street,Isolo Industrial Estate Lagos,Nigeria, Nigeria.Telephone:01-4715798,8993357.

Banex Industries Limited

Banex Industries Limited manufactures and distributes a wide range of high quality architectural paints. Our product range is continually expanded and refined to suit the requirements of end users in various categories. Also, in recognition of the emphasis on standard certification, our products are formulated to meet national and international standards. Further, both our laboratories as well as all processes of continuous research and development using the newest paints technology and facilities are regularly tested by the standards Organization of Nigeria (SON); hence our products carry the Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) certification having fulfilled all the requirements for the award.
Consequently, we present we present to you products that are guaranteed to meet international quality standards formulated for specific compatibility with most construction materials and climatic conditions. Hence, the use of Banex products ensures unparallel versatility in texture and colour whilst reflecting the best in contemporary international design trends which replicates the same quality you get when compared with structures of same standard outside the shores of Nigeria.


Banex range of paints having been certified with the NIS seal are formulated in compliance with the quality and safety requirements of the standard organization of Nigeria(S.O.N) to surpass the need of customer who desire quality and value for their money. Our range of paints is in two categories namely:


Premium Quality, which is a prime quality product carefully formulated for specialized products of high class and distinction.


Standard Quality,which is the regular quality that can meet the requirements for every regular project. These categories are simply to accommodate the budget of various classes of customers while enjoying the proven quality of our products. Furthermore we produce to suit any customer’s particular specification whenever they have need of such.







aOur Products
Banex Superior Emulsion(Premium Quality)
qBanex Superior Emulsion paints are thixotropic(Gel that can be made into fluid) based on styrene acrylic acetate copolymer binder with light stable pigments(Organic an in-organic),Colourants and potent wet state/dry state biocide to give an excellent,durable matt finish suitable for both interior and exterior coatings.Read more

Banex cote (Standard Quality)

Banex Paints standard quality blend of styrene-acrylic binder,light fast pigments (organic and in-organic), Colourants and Potent wet state biocide to give an excellent, tough, durable coating for interior and exterior surfaces. Read more

Banex cote (Premium Quality)

Banex Paints premium quality is formulated with the best grade of Styrene-acrylic binder, light fast pigments(organic and in-organic),Colourants and potent wet state/dry state biocide to give excellent, tough,durable coating for interior and exterior surfaces and can withstand rough weather all seasons of the year. Read more

Banex Superfine Gloss










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