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Banex Group , Manufacturers of High Quality Banex Paints, Plastic Products and Table Water.FACTORY/OFFICE:15/17 Abimbola Street,Isolo Industrial Estate Lagos,Nigeria, Nigeria.Telephone:01-4715798,8993357.



Board of Directors

Banex Group has a strong board of eminent Nigerians who have distinguished themselves in their various fields of specialization as a strong force behind the success story of the group.

The directors are:


  • Rev. Dr. Victor O. Mbanisi, Chairman/CEO (Banex Group )
    Barrister J.C. Okorji

    Chief Owede J. Oyelaja
    Rev. Mrs Sophy Mbanisi, Executive Director (Banex group)
  • .
  • Alhaji Sanusi Ado Bayero.
  • .
  • Dr. Rowland E.Obinyelaku.
  • .
  • Mr. Ike Osakwe


  • Rev.Dr. Victor O. Mbanisi , Chairman/CEO (Banex Group).

    Mr. Ekufu O. Cyril, Managing Director ( Banex Industries Limited)

    Mrs. Sophy N. Mbanisi, Executive Director (Banex Group )





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