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Banex Group , Manufacturers of High Quality Banex Paints, Plastic Products and Table Water.FACTORY/OFFICE:15/17 Abimbola Street,Isolo Industrial Estate Lagos,Nigeria, Nigeria.Telephone:01-4715798,8993357.


1. Prospective distributors shall be identified by our Sales Managers.

2. Information on financial requirement is to be gotten from Business Development Manager.

3. Geographical location for a prospective distributor is to be evaluated by Business Development Manager.

4. RSM is to make recommendation to the management on the prospective distributor.

5. Credit facilities for a distributor are based on the consistent performance and evaluation of credit worthiness of such a distributor

6. Commission is given to a distributor if he/she sells up to a specific amount of products without outstandings.

7. Distributors are compensated at the end of every business year based on the discretion of our management and impressive performance of the distributors.

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