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Banex Group , Manufacturers of High Quality Banex Paints, Plastic Products and Table Water.FACTORY/OFFICE:15/17 Abimbola Street,Isolo Industrial Estate Lagos,Nigeria, Nigeria.Telephone:01-4715798,8993357.

Our Vision.

To attain leadership status as a conglomerate providing quality services in strategic areas of the economy.


Our Core Values:     Our values are summarized as ECLIPS

Entrepreneurship:  In the competitive world of business, we continuously evolve new strategies,                                               employing state of the art facilities that give us an edge in sustaining and                                               advancing our business.

Commitment:              We are committed to accomplishing our vision through passion for excellence                                               in our chosen field and satisfaction to our customers.

Leadership:                  We hold it as our core value to attain leadership in the industry through                                               improvement in relationship with all stakeholders.

Innovativeness:          We soar on creative innovations in all aspects of our business ideas that                                                make us stand out as trail blazers. 

Professionalism:       We make it a core value to conduct all our businesses relationships and                                               service provisions in absolute professionalism and strict business ethics.

Service:                           We focus on rendering service to humanity in all our endeavours thus affecting                                               lives positively in all the places we carry out our operations.






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